Analysis Of Primary Colors Essay

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Politics is a bloodsport, one big game of corruption, muckraking, prostitution, and defilement, which is played by the politicians, the media, and the seemingly innocent public that tends to forget that politicians are humans also, no better than the masses except for one thing, the ability to play the game. Primary Colors by Anonymous portrays this fraudulent game perfectly, exhibiting all of the dark aspects of a political campaign: from the vicious media in their pursuit of scandals, to the traitorousness of opposing candidates to destroy each other, all the way to the secretive sexual interactions taking place during the campaigning process. Yet in this vice-corrupted novel, Anonymous also manages to let the human side of the tainted …show more content…
In all of his public appearances, Picker always seems to be speaking what is exactly on his mind--just speaking the truth, and even when the reader discovers that he has been putting up a façade all along, the fact that Picker admits to his conflicts and problems only re-emphasizes his nobleness.
One of the most important components to a political campaign is the voter, for no political candidate can be elected without someone voting for them. The dedication of both candidates, Stanton and Picker, to their voters is another aspect that accentuates their nobleness. Stanton is remarkable in his devotion to the public; the ability to reach out and interact with the public and the power to help them is the reason why he loves politics. While campaigning it is the people that need him, like Danny Scanlon the crippled boy, the adult illiterates, or the unemployed in Portsmouth, that keep Stanton going, for they “deserved a better country—and that was what this election had to be about” (144). There is a truth to Stanton’s promises, similar to the way he doesn’t forget people’s names and the aspects of their personal lives, he also doesn’t forget the promises he gives them in return for their support. For example, he remembers the promise that he made to “Fat Willie” about having him open a branch of his restaurant up in the capitol (214). But on the overall it is Stanton’s genius that allows the people to relate to him, he
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