Analysis Of Proud To Be Poor

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Proud To Be Poor Education is to me freedom, the key to respect, and living a life the way it is meant to be lived. I am not rich nor middle class, but a simple person with big dreams and high hopes of a better tomorrow. I am not ashamed to claim that I am a poor student in a college English class craving and needing education. I am proud to say I’m poor because being this way I have learned things that the higher class will never know. I enjoy waking up at five in the morning every day because I know school is on my schedule. Education can change the way we live. It rewards us by expanding our minds, so we can make a change in the way we low income people live. I encourage children and adults to educate themselves. Consequently, ending poverty, and enriching our mind with education. I know the struggle between poverty and education it is a choice one must make I’ve chosen education, and it is the best choice I have ever made. Earl Shorris is a writer, who uncovers the problems of poverty, and the lack of interest for education. He proves to the reader that anyone can better themselves. Through education, goal setting, and he reminds the lower class to never let personal background become an obstacle. Shorris claims, “Numerous forces- hunger, isolation, illness, landlord, police, abuse, neighbors, drugs, criminals, and racism, among others- exert themselves on the poor at all times and enclose them, making up a ‘surround of force’ from which, it seems, they cannot
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