Analysis Of Psalm 78 And The Bible

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Psalm 78 is one of the most amazing chapters in the bible, if one can call any chapter more amazing than another. Just a quick reading reveals many things about God, and if you do a study on it, then it becomes a wonderful source of great revelation about man and also about the wonderful character of God. It is very easy to see that mankind very seldom appreciates what God does for them. We ask God for something, and then when He gives it to us, we complain that it was not enough. Let 's take a minute to see what happens in this section of the bible. The author says plainly at the beginning of the chapter what his goal is in writing this Psalm. Read what he has to say: I will open my mouth in a parable (in instruction by numerous examples); I will utter dark sayings of old [that hide important truth]--[Matt. 13:34, 35.] (Psa 78:2) Here we see that there are going to be numerous examples and that we will learn important hidden truth. A reading of this chapter shows that he faithfully keeps his word. He starts by reminding his readers that God has done many wonderful miracles on their behalf, and in every case, within a short time, they are unhappy and ungrateful. What is amazing is how long God puts up with it in order to show His love. Let 's look at just a few examples: Psa 78:13 He divided the [Red] Sea and caused them to pass through it, and He made the waters stand like a heap. [Exod. 14:22.] Psa 78:14 In the daytime also He led them with a [pillar of]

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