Analysis Of Public Administrator Jim Arrives

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Neighborhood Business Development in Dempsey

In this case study, public administrator Jim arrives in his new position to find a massively complex network of public and private organizations with conflicting aims and opinions. He needs to pay economic revitalization funds from the government but finds no easy solution to working with the private sector interests. They play games with him instead of being concerned with his vision for the city 's economic future and quality of life. Jim 's attempts to partner with them repeatedly end in conflict, aggravated by his shortcomings in resources, knowledge, and support. To find a solution and realize his vision, he may need to work backward from what he wants to accomplish and identify what needs to happen to achieve those ends.[G1] [G2]

Complexity of Joint Action

Government programs, even when designed to be carried out in a direct and simple way, eventually come to involve a large number of governmental and nongovernmental organizations and people (Starling, 2001, p. 383). Every one of the people and groups involved has their own perspective, priorities, urgency levels, opinions, demands, and regulations. Any of them might cause friction and conflict when administering public policy.

The case study places Jim, our public administrator, into the middle of an incredibly complex web of conflicting priorities and opinions. He has the mayor’s political future to consider, the demands for funding by merchant groups who supported

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