Analysis Of Punch Drunk

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Punch-drunk is a British company that performs a wide variety of theatrical performances and transforms them into the wild and the peculiar. It was founded in 2000 ( (2017) by Artist and Director Felix Barrett, who was award an MBE on July 5th 2017 for his work in the theatre industry (Anon, (2017). The Company has been producing shows for 17 years, taking classical storytelling and adding their own twist on the story. The stories are then turned into real-life pieces that are not staged in a typical classical theatre, but in various locations that are well-suited to each part of the story for example, an old warehouse or an ancient asylum. This gives the audience a sensory perception of the world around them and presents them with a joyful experience of witnessing a story told in a way that’s not just the lifeless classical proscenium arch stage layout and more of a place where they can watch the action at different angles taking audience awareness out of the picture and applying the “Fourth wall technique” used by Dennis Diderot ( (2017). This keeps the audience on edge and scares ordinary audiences away from Punch-drunk as the work that they produce is regarded as “out of the ordinary “by most classical theatre audiences. Some of the parts of the story contains physical theatre (Punch-drunk (2017). making the performance non-naturalistic and naturalistic, simultaneously.

Frantic Assembly is also a British company that takes a concept and
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