Analysis Of Punished For Being Female By Bob Herbert

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In “Punished for Being Female” by Bob Herbert, a series of problems are being brought to light about how women are being mistreated just on the condition that they female. Herbert states that females being mistreated are a huge problem and it can be seen in multiple parts of the world. This undeserved punishment comes in forms of beatings, torture, rape, and even death. Herbert then goes on to present many of these examples from across the world such as the cases in India where the wives are murdered and set on fire. It is just as bad in countries like Ethiopia where men would abduct and rape young girls in order to claim them as a bride. Herbert mentions these wrongdoings because he states how they are happening due to the fact that they are women, which creates an enormous problem. It is an ever-growing problem as well. This can be seen in the U.N. report where they state how infanticide and prenatal sex selection have caused half a million girls to go missing every year. Intimate partners are noted to be one of the most common forms where abuse and violence is seen. This punishment females receive because of their gender is unacceptable in every means. Herbert concludes his article with a cry out for recognition that this brutalization against females must be dealt with. In further discussion through “Why Aren’t We Shocked?” by Bob Herbert, he begins the article with many horrible shooting incidents that focused solely on girls as their victims. He moves on to say
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