Analysis Of Purisima Del Rincon 's ' Blackfoot ' Essay

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I may have not grown up in Purisima del Rincon, however my culture is what it is because of this little town. I recall as a kid anticipating spring break and summer vacation, knowing I would be able to spend it in a place that was so different from Blackfoot, Idaho. I grew up in Blackfoot, but my family never adapted to the culture or to the culture of Hispanics in in Blackfoot, which is very different to that of Purisima’s. Coincidentally my parents decided to adapt Purisima’s culture and raise us on it even if we were about 1,958.5 miles away. I believe that cultures can be learned, for instance if it were not for my parents I would have never been exposed to Purisima’s distinct customs.
One of their main customs, Judea, is a culturally rich event. Judea is a timeless event, it was founded by Hermigildo Bustos, a Mexican artist. Bustos contributed to the event by forging masks, which this town is prominent for. These masks play a large part in the Judea and they reinforce the idea of the custom. Judea is a weeklong reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus as well as the hanging of Judas. This reenactment utilizes the whole town as a set; it is live theatre event filled with well-orchestrated music, unique foods and lots of tourists. Delicately carved, gracefully painted, accurately describes the masks constructed for the reenactment. Culturally these masks have influenced my life the most. Their culture significant was due to my parents insisting that we become

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