Analysis Of Qantas Airlines An Organization Situational Analysis

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This report largely focuses on constructing a situational analysis of Qantas Airlines. An organisations situational analysis refers to an analysis that consists of ascertaining the key factors that will be used as a basis for development of marketing strategy. (Elliot 2014). Situational analysis consists of the environment analysis (both internal and external environment), competitor’s analysis and finally the swot analysis.
By analysing those elements stated above, it is likely that the higher authority could evaluate the organisations in terms of its strategic performance level which would definitely lead to a better overall understanding on consequently may assist in decision making. The analyses of those elements are as following.

1.0 Environmental analysis
Environmental analysis is defined as a process that involves breaking the marketing environment into smaller part in order to gain a better understanding of it. An environmental analysis is divided into two different segments which are known as the internal and the external analysis. Internal environmental analysis is denoted as the parts of the organisation, the people, and the process used to create communicate deliver and exchange product or service that creates value for the end user. This analysis can be directly controlled by the organisation.

External analysis
Meanwhile the external analysis refers to the people and the process that are outside the organisation and it most unlikely that this…
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