Analysis Of ' Queen Of Knives ' By Neil Gaiman

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Response to TheTraumatic “Queen of Knives”

Neil Gaiman does it again in this great short story. A child goes out with the grandparents, and the grandmother disappears. The story and the songs therein follow the aftermath of the disappearance. When faced with a traumatic situation like a disappearance, reactions of loved ones, for example, spouses and grandchildren, tend to be muted and they might drawback into a cocoon; the trauma might cause one to be introverted and depressed.

In the entire story, there is very little mention of the young boy and his grandfather making an effort to find the grandmother. They just ask the magician about her at the end of the show. The magician is obviously lying because he presents the show in the language the audience understands. This paper shall follow the underlined thesis and lay out the main themes in the story. It will present a comprehensive analysis of ‘Queen of Knives’. Men may not show emotion in the face of trauma. Men and women are built in a unique manner. They do not operate on the same level. Psychologists say that it is both in nature and nurture. Men are made to contain emotions and keep them to themselves. This writer is very sure that the reader has seen this aspect before. Mothers are always expressing to their children how much they love them, but for fathers it is that much rarer. The lack of emotional outpouring reinforces the masculinity of the grandfather (Gilman, 546). The reactions extend to grief. When men…

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