Analysis Of Quickbooks Hosting : Using Quickbooks From Anywhere And Anytime

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QuickBooks Hosting: Using QuickBooks From Anywhere and Anytime
By Brian M Taylor | Submitted On October 01, 2012

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Expert Author Brian M Taylor
QuickBooks Hosting is a term that involves two parties; first is the QuickBooks Professionals like CPA and Bookkeepers and second is the cloud computing technologies providers. In the early age, QuickBooks online was giving a solution to those professionals who wanted to run it from different locations while travelling mostly, but as it is not coming with all features, it could not fulfill the expectations of QuickBooks professionals. QuickBooks hosting was not very popular in starting, but as the cloud computing was getting so much of hits and publicity, the users started to try QuickBooks hosting practices with technology providers. Now a days, it would be hard to say that if someone is not aware of QuickBooks hosting practice. Thousands of CPA and Bookkeepers along with Tax professionals are running their QuickBooks and other applications with QuickBooks hosting providers. Putting critical data and information to third party service provider is always concerned but you can select service

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