Analysis Of Raiders Of The Lost Ark

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The film Raiders of the Lost Ark was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1981. It is the first film in a series of films that follow the adventures of archaeologist and professor Indiana Jones. Some proclaim the Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the best action/adventure movies of all time. Since its release, the film has grossed $389 million worldwide and is ranked #40 on the top rated movies list on IMDB.
Raiders of the lost Ark takes place in 1936. When comes down to the settings, lighting, music, costumes and the way everyone acts in this film, everything works together to get an overall feel that the time really is the 1936. The costumes look like outfits people would really wear in that time and the music sounds right for that era.
Right in the opening scene viewers see Indiana Jones walking through the jungle with some men. Although his face is not shown for the first couple of minutes you can tell that the man in the fedora is an important character. It’s never specifically mentioned that it is a jungle but there are animal noises and plants in the background. Also, the lighting looks natural almost as if the sun is shining through a thick canopy of trees. All the men look a little tired and their faces and clothes look dirty. From the way the music sounds and the way they all look you can tell that they are on some kind of quest, searching for something for what seems like a while.
One of the best scenes in the film was when Indiana Jones, Sallah,
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