Analysis Of Raising Taxes On Alcohol And Tobacco

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Problems with Raising Taxes on Alcohol and Tobacco: One of the major issues in the United States is healthcare insurance that has attracted huge debates and concerns among the policymakers and the public. Given the severity of this issue, policymakers and other stakeholders have been involved in efforts to identify the most effective measure to provide health insurance coverage to all. These attempts have been led to the consideration of increase in taxes on alcohol and tobacco products by the policymakers and other stakeholders. These products have been considered for increased taxation because they are the major factors that contribute to the ever-increasing medical costs. As a result, the taxation of alcohol and tobacco products is an issue of interest to every individual, especially those who pay for medical services and coverage. While various arguments have been raised in support of such measures, the idea of increasing taxes on alcohol and tobacco products does not solve the issue of rising medical costs. Generally, increasing taxes on alcohol and tobacco products does not solve the problem of rising medical costs because of the various severe problems associated with such taxation. 3. The history of the issue on whether taxes on alcohol and tobacco should be increased can be traced back to 1994 when a cigarette excise tax increase was suggested to help in funding part of the President's universal health care program. The proposal, which suggested an excise tax
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