Analysis Of Raising Well-Educated Children

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Raising Well-Educated Children What does it mean to be well educated? According to Alfie Kohn, well-educated means to, ". . . have the desire as well as the means to make sure that learning never ends" (Kohn). In Kohn's article, he questions the qualifications that the public school system uses to determine what makes a well-educated student. Although he raises very important questions, Alfie does not attempt to offer any solutions to these problems; however, I will explain what it means to be well-educated and include some information on how to decide what environment will work best for your child. Parents must evaluate the American public school's method of adequately preparing students for college and future jobs, realizing there is an alternative option for educating children, so they can truly become a well-educated individual. Although I am still a student, I have experienced or reviewed almost every type of schooling, teaching method, testing method, and curriculum. Since my brother and I are homeschooled, my mom and I pick which curriculums my brother and I do each year, plan the year week by week, compare our curriculum with other types of schools, and choose what is the best. Therefore, I want to share my knowledge with parents, who are having trouble deciding how to make their child "well-educated", but what does this mean? Let's compare me to my brother. I listen in class, take notes, highlight my book, make flashcards, study, and make all high A's, but when it
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