Analysis Of Raja Rao 's Book

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Philosophy permeating through Raja Rao’s novels is generally held to be Vedantic in tone and temper. Being a Vedantin, he seeks Truth on the lines of Advaitavada and frequently refers to the precepts from the Upanishadas. To him, writing is a visible expression of his deeply – felt spiritual experiences. Duly recognizing man’s deep need to seek and realize Truth, he endeavours to revive the traditional Indian quest with all its rigour. The Advaita philosophy of Sankaracharya forms the core of Raja Rao’s fictional world. Sankaracharya expounded the Advaita philosophy in its final form, imparting to it impeccable perfection. This paper focuses on the Advait philosophy by Raja Rao with special reference to The Cat and Shakeshpeare and The Serpent and The Rope. Advait Philosophy in Raja Rao’s Novels Raja Rao’s quest for Truth, urged him to delve deep into Indian philosophy and literature. Indian philosophy is no mere speculation into the nature of reality. It is a sublime and unique system based on mystic and spiritual experience. Dealing as it does with the practical needs of man; it gives clear solution to profound subtle problems of life and reveals the way to final emancipation. In the words of Sri Swami Krishnananda, a great philosopher saint: Philosophy is the study of the ultimate nature of things. It is the investigation into the final cause or causes of all phenomena … Philosophy is not a theory but a vision of life (darsana)
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