Analysis Of Randol Contreras 's The Stickup Kids Essay

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In Randol Contreras’s The Stickup Kids, Contreras explores the South Bronx through the lens of a sociologist. He describes the lives of the stickup kids such as Gus, Pablo, and other teenagers living in the South Bronx. Contreras uses the research method of ethnography to provide a sociological analysis of the drug trade and business in the South Bronx. His research shows how social factors impact the lives of these stickup kids to become active in the drug trade. Through his field notes and interviews with the stickup kids, Contreras examines in depth of how social factors such as, socialization, social class, the thrill of crime, deviance, and culture affect the individual. In chapter two of The Stickup Kids, Contreras introduces Gus, one of his friends, who became a stickup kid. In this chapter, Contreras introduces how Gus first started with the drug trade. Contreras suggests that Gus enter the drug trade through the concept of socialization. He explains that Gus learned about drugs because his family members, both his older brother and his father, were selling drugs in the house he was living in. By seeing his brother and father selling drugs around him, Gus learned about the drug trade and he wanted to be in it as well. Contreras explains Gus’s experience of socialization as he quotes Gus’s words, “They would always be talking about drugs in front of me, They probably thought that since I was little I ain’t know what they were talkin’ about. But I knew they was

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