Analysis Of Ransom's Out Of The Silent Planet

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The book out of the silent planet follows the journey of Ransom, a linguist that is kidnapped and put in a spaceship to be taken to Malacandra (Mars) as a sacrifice to the Sorn, however he managed to escape from his kidnappers during the handover to the Sorn. While he is on the run on Malacandra Ransom learns of the three races that show how human history has developed from primal to industrial and finally to modern day. The first part of human history that Ransom encounters is the Hross who are as told by Ransom "Huge seal-like creature...glossy coat, liquid eye, sweet breath and whitest teeth-and added to all these, as though paradise had never been lost and earliest dreams were true, the charm of speech and reason". (Lewis, 59) The Hross are seen by ransom as "old stone age" (67) and primitive with a very basic way of life, they sleep on the ground and use basic everyday things for heat and food. Hross are known for the arts, mainly poetry and dance the other races look towards them for these things and believe they are not good enough to compare to the Hross. The Hross also don't wear and cloths while the other races do, this connects to how primitive humans didn't wear much clothing either. When they are compared to primitive humans they similarities are very evident, Humans used to sleep on…show more content…
In fact it was almost exactly like feathers". (92) Which shows how modern humans wear "designer clothing" and using animals from the environment to create the clothes worn. Modern day humans do things very similarly to the Sorn, the way that humans live in more favorable conditions up in the mountains and focus mainly on science and abstract thinking. The Sorn also herd livestock so that they can mass produce themselves for meals and other necessities. The Sorn and modern day humans are similar in not just the way they live but also in the way they think and believe is most
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