Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's All Summer

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In determining a topic for my research paper I began to think about what struggles I faced as an eighth grade teacher. I currently teach general education, an integrated co-teaching (ICT) class, and an ESL class in a widely culturally diverse school in Queens. In the last two years I also taught honors classes. I notice that the biggest challenge facing students from all my classes was reading comprehension. It was evident very early on in my teaching career that many struggling students who can technically read quite well don’t understand what they are reading. Their ability to decode words is far greater than their ability to make sense of the words. Without meaning, words are just words! I recently had one of my general education classes complete a literature circle on futuristic texts, one of which was Ray Bradbury 's "All Summer in a Day." It 's a short story about children living on planet Venus who only get to experience the sun once every seven years. I found a fantastic recording of the story online with great inflection, and I decided to play this so my students could follow along as we read. I thought it might limit distractions and help them focus on the text. I watched as one girl in particular (let 's call her "Amy"), read along, her eyes firmly on the paper. Amy was one of those loquacious students who was often served as a distraction for her peers and it felt damned good to see her so concentrated. After the reading was over, students began working on

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