Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's ' Fahrenheit 451 '

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Ray Bradbury’s theme in Fahrenheit 451 is that a hero is one who makes a change for the better in society. In my rewritten version, my theme is that one who fails to change society is never a hero. Before my essay begins, Montag is running from the police/government. His occupation as a fireman is to incinerate books and he fails to do so by saving a couple of books before anyone sees them. As he reads the books, he learns about the tragic endings which used to be real. He wonders why the government had been hiding this from the citizens. Afterward, he starts taking action about these truths and is revealed to the government. The chase is broadcasted on television and viewers are urged to open their doors to look for Montag. “At the count…show more content…
Montag never thought that what he saw would happen. The sharp bone had uprooted from the skin of his back. He wanted to scream in pain, but his mouth wouldn’t move. He wondered why he was stuck in this horrible mess of blood and terror? He wanted to be alone, unfound, untouched. As he lay there, paralyzed by the hands which held him, he saw out of the corner of his eye a machine crawling out of the woods. The shining silver creature approached Montag and the crowd of people who surrounded him. As soon as he saw the sharp glint of silver, he knew it was the Hound. The metallic monster slid across the asphalt and the hands quickly went away from Montag. He scrambled to his feet to flee from it, but the Hound was already chasing him down. As each step passed, the distance between Montag and the Hound decreased. Suddenly, the Hound leapt through the air and pushed Montag to the ground. He rolled across the gravel and tried to stand before his pursuer. But before Montag could even try to push himself up, the agonizing blade of the Hound’s needle sunk into Montag’s chest. Terrifying shrieks filled the air as dark blood trickled down his body. He lay on the road, worn down, the blood staining his clothes, creating a stream down the road. He thought of his life, why he hadn’t realized what horrible acts he had committed. He thought why he had to be a fireman. He thought why was there no good in this world. He lay there waiting for his final seconds to quickly pass. “Farewell,
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