Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's ' Fahrenheit 451 '

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Giridhar Batra
Aug 29. 2014
Fahrenheit 451 Essay
The Role of Technology as a Theme in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451
The average person in our society spends 7-8 hours a day(The Washington Post) using technology; that is stuff like television, video games, surfing the web, etc. Let that set in; that’s a long time. Our society procrastinates also is constantly distracted by technology like no other. We are practically glued to technology; before we become slaves of technology we must change that. The theme of technology in Fahrenheit 451 informs us that the overuse of technology makes people lazy/procrastinate, that technology will overpower people’s lives, and technology takes away from people’s education. Firstly, have you ever had tons of work to do , but you put it off because you just have to check facebook because you feel as if you don’t you might just die? Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the first side effect of overusing technology: laziness/ procrastination. Ray Bradbury knew this was coming in fact he wrote Fahrenheit 451 in 1953. In Fahrenheit 451 the society freakishly mirrors ours. The average american spends 2.7 hours a day just watching television, (Technology Uninhibited) think about all the other things that you could do in 2.7 hours other than watching television. Sometimes, every other blue moon, even I procrastinate and my main excuse comes back to technology with questions to myself. Why don’t I watch some funny youtube videos before I
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