Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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Was Ray Bradbury (08/22/20 -06/05/12) the father, or at least an influential cousin, of science fiction or was he the creator of his own genre? Though there were, of course, other science fiction writers before Bradbury- “Henry Kuttner and Leigh Brackett [being] the most important as personal influences” to him- it can be argued he was the one who brought science fiction to the general world (Mogen). Bradbury began writing during a time when science fiction was looked down on, the ideas seeming bizarre and “a long way off in some never, never land of tomorrow,” (Mogen). Bradbury managed, even from an early age, to get the attention he wanted and quickly became famous with the mainstream audience, drawing “normal” people to the science fiction community. On the other hand, it can also be argued he wasn’t even a science fiction writer at all. When Bradbury found his own style, many science fiction fanatics thought it simply was too weird to be likable; however, it is possible he was simply just different. In my opinion, “All Summer in a Day” displays an alternative use of science fiction unique to Bradbury himself. Bradbury’s Venus in “All Summer in a Day” is depicted as a constantly rainy atmosphere where the sun only reveals its face for two hours every seven years. This short story is about a young girl named Margot who moves to this rainy planet with her parents. Margot misses the sun and the other children are jealous because of this; these children, having grown up on
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