Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' The Cathedral '

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One of the Raymond Carver story where we can find a lot of religion symbols; it is “Cathedral.” The story develops an ironic situation in which a blind man teaches a sighted man to truly “see” for the first time. Near the end of the story, Carver has these two characters work together on a drawing of a cathedral, which serves as the symbolic heart of the story. The cathedral represents true sight, the ability to see beyond the surface to the true meaning that lies within. The narrator’s drawing of a cathedral has opened a door for him into a deeper place in his own world, where he can see beyond what is immediately visible. This story adds to our understanding of not only looking at the surface of things but to take a deeper look at things that are not always laid out.
I believe that he may have chosen this title to send a message to the readers, to make them feel something when the cathedrals are mentioned in the story, as that is where I believe that the writer wanted people to connect with the story the most. But, it could also be seen another way. The blind man seems to see more beauty in things than that of the narrator, who is oblivious to the beauty around him. Another message could be that we take things for granted, just like many at the time took their faith for granted.
Continuing with this example of a topic sentence I would like to explain the symbolism of the cathedral as it extends to the narrator, at first just as a mere building of an interesting…
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