Analysis Of Relational Situations Involving Clients Essay

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In relational situations involving clients, it is essential that emotional intelligence is established. The ability to read clients helps advisors connect with their clients. Most jobs rely on client relationships as the platform for their business. Jobs like social work, nurses, doctors, financial advisors, construction workers, and education all rely on their emotional intelligence to build strong relationships with their clients to succeed in their workplace. Take financial advisors for example, A financial advisor Lewis Schiff explained, “A key differentiator between financial advisors who help their client achieve positive returns and those who help their clients achieve superior returns is moral and emotional competency” (Schiff, 2009). This explains for an advisor to succeed in advising clients, they must build a trustworthy relationship for positive outcomes. Without a relationship built from emotions, there will be a failed relationship leading to a failed professional outcome. To build the relationship an employee must learn about the client and connect in a way to gain their trust. Once a client’s trust is gained, there is more of a chance that they will open up, and create a base for professional success. In an article from the University of Plymouth, it is explained that emotional intelligence is one of the main qualities looked for in hiring new nurses. In the Institute of Health Studies article, Cadman quotes Daniel Goldman, one of the founders of emotional
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