Analysis Of Repertory Dance Theater Concert Essay

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Critical analysis of “RDT” I attended the Repertory Dance Theater concert on March 5, 2016 at 7:30 PM in the Snow College Theater - Eccles Center for Performing Arts. The concert was held because the Repertory Dance Theater was celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Dancers were touring around Utah and performing in almost every city. Concert consisted of five choreographed dance performances that lasted for about 2 hours. They were performed in this order: Suite from Mazurkas, Jack, Crippled up blues and other tales of Deseret, Begging the question and Pigs and Fishes. Today I am going to be analyzing all of these five dances. Suite of Mazurkas was the opening performance. It was first performed on August 15, 1958 at the American Dance Festival in Connecticut. The dance from the Saturdays concert was choreographed by Jose Limon. It consisted of seven parts. In the first part, four girls started the dance with light hand movements and some jumping. They were wearing black flowy dresses. Relaxing piano music was going around throughout the all seven parts. Next part was a solo danced by a male dancer dressed in all black. Being on stage he danced around, jumping and using the space pretty well. Light changed from purple, for the first part, to blue for this second male solo part. Then there was a couple dancing. They looked like they were in love under the purple/ pink lights. Music was still the same. Movements were synchronized, lyrical and repetitive. Same piano music and

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