Analysis Of Research : Implications For Security

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Critique of Research: Implications for Security in Romantic Relationships Haylie Orent Wayne State College Cognitive Psychology: Tuesday/Thursday Security in Romantic Relationships Throughout life almost everyone wants to be or is in a romantic relationship. There is always the hope that one day you will find that person that you want to be with and possibly spend the rest of your life with. The thought of finding that one person who complements you in numerous ways is thrilling for most people. However, people do not realize all of the work a relationship takes nor how many different factors can play a part in a relationship; how you were raised and what gender you are can dictate how attached you can be during any form of relationship. Some people do not realize how much of an impact our families can have on our outlook of life as we get older. Family is the first think that we associate with relationships mainly because they are with us from the first day. Attachment in romantic relationships begin at a young age, some psychologists even believe that we establish this foundation in infancy and childhood. They believe this because parents might be responsible for molding attachment to others. Fraley found indications that supported the theory that attachment patterns are shaped from family origins in our early childhood which can have a substantial impact on us throughout the years. Security during the infancy stage of life can play a huge role in how we
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