Analysis Of Reunion By John Cheever

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In “Reunion” by John Cheever, Charlie writes a letter to his father, letting him know he will be in New York for a few hours waiting for his train. His dad secretary wrote him back saying his father would meet him at noon. Charlie was excited to see his dad after three years because his mom divorced his dad. When Charlie sees his father, his dad puts his arm around him. Charlie says, “… and I smelled my father the way my mother sniffed a rose. It was a rich compound of whiskey, after-shave lotion, shoe polish and the rankness of a mature male” (201). They go to a restaurant before his dad takes him to the club that he goes to. When they got to the restaurant Charlie’s father is disrespectful to the waiter, so they get up and leave. They went to four restaurant and Charlie’s father behaved the same way at every single restaurant they went to. Eventually, they run out of time and Charlie has to make his way back to the train and they did not get to go to the club like his father planned. After that day, Charlie never saw his father again. Environment has a negative impact on identity because it causes people to be self-centered. Through the story “Reunion” by John Cheever, Charlie and his father were never able to connect because his father constant need to show off. When Charlie sees his father for the first time after three years, he says “… I felt that he was my father my flesh and my blood, my future and my doom. I know that when I was grown I would be something like
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