Analysis Of Revolutionary Mothers

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Revolutionary Mothers Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for America’s Independence. By Carol Berkin. 2005. P. 194. As we study the Revolutionary War we tend to think of the men that revolted, fought, and petitioned, but have we ever thought about what the women did during the war? In Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for America’s Independence, we get a chance to see the women’s side of the war and what they did during this troubling time. Carol Berkin shows us what each race and class of women went through and their contributions during the war with well researched information and her own techniques. Revolutionary Mothers is a historical non-fiction book about the lives of women before, during, and after the…show more content…
The writing of Revolutionary Mothers requires many sources to help emphasize the importance of its content, and Carol Berkin did just that. When reading Revolutionary Mothers you begin to see quotes and references from many sources included in each chapter. The sources that Carol Berkin used to write the book include journals, diaries, articles and newspapers, letters, and other books. These sources are about both women in during the colonial and Revolutionary times and the Revolutionary war in general. Carol Berkin did an exquisite job researching for her book, often citing at least twelve reliable sources for each chapter. Though she used many sources for writing her book, she did not use very many maps or pictures. She placed an illustration, depicting each topic, at the beginning of every chapter, with no maps, pictures, or other illustrations. Although she used few pictures or maps, she captured the reader’s imagination by her depictive descriptions making her book seem to be a short historical-fiction novel telling the journeys that different women took in the Revolutionary War era, making it unnecessary to use abundance of pictures, maps, or illustrations. Carol Berkin’s experience of writing and knowledge of history show through writing in Revolutionary Mothers. Berkin has been the author and editor of many
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