Analysis Of ' Rhinoceros ' By Eugene Ionesco

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Torsten Maier
English 122
Dr. Pleasant
31 March 2016
The rhinoceroses in this story are symbols of the brute nature of human beings and the desire for power. To support this claim, four topics will be discussed. The first, is the physical nature of a rhinoceros. Secondly, the historical significance of this symbolism. Third, examples of savagery throughout the text will be discussed. Lastly, the transformation of Jean will be discussed. Opposing views to this theory will be discussed and counter-arguments will be made to conclude the paper. At all times through-out history, human perception of the world around us has been molded by how it is presented in society. Using a rhino as the animal of choice for the transformations was a deliberate move made by Eugene Ionesco. Ionesco knew the implications of using that specific animal. A rhino, like an ox, is viewed in society today as strong and dumb. Both animals have the capacity for immense strength but lack finesse and intelligence. Thus, they are viewed as brutes or savages. People have come to this perception from movies, TV shows, and comics that depict rhinos as such.
Due to this, the rhino was the perfect symbol for the brute nature of human beings. Human beings are also power hungry beings. We strive for money, influence, and respect but all of those are in search of a higher goal: power. Due to this thirst for power, Ionesco picked the rhino, one of the most powerful animals in the kingdom. . The…
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