Analysis Of Rhonda Copelon 's Article ' Intimate Terror '

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Rhonda Copelon’s article entitled “Intimate Terror” is really well written. She uses strong and robust comparisons to effectively convey her message. In addition to this, she offers a fairly unbiased perspective and maintains focus on the primary issue being written about. These writing tactics are powerful tools, keeping the reader interested, curious, and open-minded. Because the topic of this article is so controversial and uncomfortable, the usefulness of such writing tools increases exponentially. Through a bold and intense use of written word, Copelon presents her ideas on domestic violence within the private household very successfully. In this article, the author’s primary focus is comparing violent domestic abuse to official torture. This comparison could understandably be misinterpreted. However, Copelon is very quick to ensure that the two are not generalized and looked at as being the same. She assures that “[o]fficial torture and domestic violence are not the same; each is unique in its egregiousness” (Copelon p.117) . Because the author continues this style of unbiased text through most of the article, it is easy to read and comprehend the information in an individualized and unique way. Regarding scholarly articles, this level of impartiality is crucial and provides a heightened sense of credibility to the reader.
Once Copelon begins the actual comparison of domestic violence in the home and official torture by government entities, she begins a

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