Analysis Of Richard Rodriguez 's ' Hunger Of Memory '

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Education is arguably the base of the American Dream. Any person can start with nearly nothing, but through education, he or she can become successful. In Hunger of Memory, Richard Rodriguez told the story of how education allowed him to change from a boy who was “ to understand some fifty stray English words”(9) to a scholar working in the British Museum. Obviously, Rodriguez appreciates the doors that education opened for him over the course of his life, but his autobiography reveals a dark side to the pursuit of higher education in America. Over the course of his autobiography, he admits that the more time he puts into his studies, the more aspects of his personal life he loses. His autobiography offers insight to the hidden effects of education. Education, specifically in America, allows an individual to receive significant opportunities; however, education forces an individual to surrender aspects of personal life in order to obtain the rights that come with education. Rodriguez wanted to use education to give him the opportunity to follow his dream. He proclaimed that making big money was never what he wanted to use education for. Instead, Rodriguez desired to gain knowledge that would allow him to become a better writer. Education provided Rodriguez with the necessary knowledge to become an accredited writer and pursue his dream. Rodriguez’s story of differs from the story of his father. His father received a high school degree once he moved to the United

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