Analysis Of Richard Stanton's ' The Big E Commerce Company '

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Richard Stanton has stated that the Economist is one of the most influential media outlets in the world, reporting issues and events in a balanced fashion, and relying upon sources that it values and trusts (Stanton, 2007). Eleanor seemingly agrees with Stanton’s comments, as she works for the Economist. She has stated that they tend to do more thematic than news-led work, meaning that she would rarely write a story directly from a press release. However, from time to time a PR will come to her with a super report, or an interesting bit of news, which she will then use as a foundation for a bigger analytical piece. A specific example she gave was, “if a PR comes to me with important news about, say, fundraising at a big e-commerce company, I can use that as a news hook to write a bigger piece about phone penetration and or online shopping in Africa” (Whitehead, 2016).
As Eleanor travels regularly, she is not allowed to accept sponsored trips, however she has stated that PRs have been integral in helping her plan her travel in difficult and dangerous parts of the world. Specific examples of this are the times she has had to use UN planes to get to unreachable areas, or help liaise with difficult West African governments. This correlates with Johnston’s statement that journalists need sources to link up with the corporate, political, social, and cultural world around them. This use of resources underpins the role of the media relations’ professionals (Johnston, 2007).…
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