Analysis Of Richard Wright 's ' Man Of All Work '

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“Man of All Work” by Richard Wright takes place in the 1950’s in the rural south right before the events of the Civil Rights Movement that further shaped America for all races. We follow one man named Carl who takes his wife’s name and clothing for a day to interview for a domestic job meant for woman for the Fairchild family. This short story further displays the difficult race relations in the South during this time, as well as the lack of respect that the whites had for African Americans. Through the Fairchilds’ oblivion of Lucy’s true gender in ‘Man of All Work”, Wright demonstrates the lack of compassion had by the White Supremacists toward African-Americans via a lack of observation of characteristics and through their lack of…show more content…
Though the Civil Rights Movement will eventually end segregation, for the most part, this racism expressed in “Man of All Work” still exists in today’s society when you look at maldistribution of wealth and opportunity to those of color. What is also observed in this novel is the lack of boundaries that the whites are willing to take in order protect their own innocence, at the African American’s expense. Another important aspect of this story is the lack of boundaries had by white people in regards to their self-protection. Wright states, “I’ve got it solved. It’s simple. This nigger put on a dress to worm his was into my house to rape my wife! Ha! See?... Any jury’ll free me on that. Anne, that’s our case.” (147). What’s striking in this passage was the fact that instead of trying to blame the shooting on someone else, they automatically try and make Carl responsible by saying that he was trying to rape his wife. This exact situation and many like it exist in modern America and it’s interesting to see that it isn’t such a new occurrence. The fact that people are willing to lie under oath, and that they eventually are proven not guilty shows how corrupt the system is when conflicts occur between the races.
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