Analysis Of Richard Wright 's Native Son

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Hypocrisy, the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one 's own behavior does not conform. For far too long the American society has fallen victim to the corruption and hypocrisy within the judicial system. This is something we notice particularly with African American males ever since the early 1900s have suffered the most when it comes to receiving justice. Richard Wright’s Native Son provides a beautiful example of the insidious effects of racism and the hypocrisy of justice in a literary work. An important theme that emerges from Wright’s treatment of racism within the novel Native Son illustrates the terrible inequity of the American criminal justice system of Wright’s time. Cases of hypocrisy both overt and subtle show the danger of creating and maintaining illusions by forcing people to conform to societal expectations. Ekow N. Yankah states and example of hypocrisy in Moliere’s Tartuffe,” Tartuffe dupes Orgon and Madam Pernelle, the head of a wealthy household and his mother respectively, into friendship and admiration by affecting a pious and humble character.1 His pious character and divine authority are entirely a sham; he is happy to lie, cheat and steal to get whatever he desires. Yet the more he pretends to pious character, the more Orgon fixates on and trusts him. By doing so, he ingratiates himself into Orgon’s house and even to have Orgon betroth his daughter to him. All the while, Tartuffe is schemes to seduce…

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