Analysis Of Robert Arrives 's ' A New Vision

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1. When Robert arrives, he visits with the narrator’s wife first; the narrator observes them, but only occasionally joins in on the conversation. They all drink heavily and eat a large dinner. On his first visit to her home, an outgoing blind friend of the narrator 's wife interacts with the narrator by having the husband of his friend draw what he sees on the television; in doing so, the narrator allows Robert to share his sight through art; at the same time, the narrator shares Robert 's inner vision of beauty and feeling. This act of sharing gives each man meaning, and as such, relieves suffering from the narrator as he obtains new insights. Narrator new vision through the ability to create. A new vision is constructed when the narrator has to sketch the cathedral for Robert. The narrator doesn’t fully understand what happened when he closed his eyes and drew the cathedral, but he knows that it was an important experience, as the narrative opens; the narrator is shown to be one that lacks vision. He closes his eyes and start drawing cathedral with the help of Robert. He realizes the word is way vaster than his perspective. From my point of view life is all about making things happen not to sit by side and try to judge someone else for their look. The modern world made easy to judge and define people among their looks. When he says my eyes were still closed. I was in my house. I knew that. But I didn 't feel like I was inside anything.’’ Being able to see outside of what
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