Analysis Of Robert Frost

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Robert Frost wrote this poem in 1923. Frost is referencing creation from the perspective of a Christian. The poem is about creation and how creation evolves over time. Frost is an American poet from New England. He was very concerned with the political climate of the twenties. This piece is part of a collection of 20th century poetry. I think that the style of the poem is a narrative. It tells you about nature's first green and everything that follows. It then wraps up with telling you "nothing gold can stay". The poem's title implies multiple possibilities. It isn't talking only about nature and the seasons, but about purity in general. Nothing can stay pure forever. In the poem there is an AA BB rhyme scheme. I think the rhyme scheme…show more content…
It proposes a lot of ideas in a serious way. The Tone is very somber and thought-provoking. As from before, it proposes a lot of tones and ideas that aren't exactly cheery. Overall it is a very serious and thought-provoking poem in both it's tone and mood. The theme of this poem is nature and loss. Frost is very up front about his message, nothing gold can stay. It is further emphasized by personification. In the end the message is put on display. The rhythm of the poem almost seems to march. It continues to the end at a steady, unceasing pace that gives off a smooth atmosphere. It flows with the theme very well in my opinion. Just like the theme it has a steady, and thoughtful pace that ends up highlighting the theme even more. The only sense the poem really uses is sight. Throughout the middle of the poem it uses descriptions such as “leafs a flower”. Most of the impressions I got were very neutral and didn’t really get a real emotion out of me. The use of the senses was very dull in this poem. The only real image I think he wanted the reader to see was nature changing and browning. The comparisons he used in the poem, combined with the personification of nature and Eden, were the only things leading to imagery. Robert doesn’t use approximate rhyme at all in “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. Instead he uses real rhyme with words like gold and hold. The AA BB rhyme scheme and light onomatopoeia. It isn’t a very unique style and I probably wouldn’t be
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