Analysis Of Robert Frost 's ' Mending Wall ' Essay

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Ever since the dawn of mankind, humans depended on each other for support. We looked after each other and brought help to any of our neighbors. However, that sense of community barely exists as we now live in a more individualistic society, because of reasons such as the advent of technology like smartphones. We now seem to be more engaged in our own lifestyles, refusing to change from them, which leads to isolation and negligence to help others in the world. It has, sadly, become a common practice to adopt a “mind your own business” kind of mentality, further exacerbating this issue. This reclusiveness and negligence of social interaction are the shared theme in the works of Robert Frost, John Darley & Bibb Latané, and Barbara Kingsolver, which unite to tell us that this kind of lifestyle is flawed and must come to an end. In Robert Frost’s narrative poem, “Mending Wall”, the first theme of reclusiveness is revealed through the frustration that the narrator has against the wall that keeps him and his neighbors apart. The poem tells of a story where two characters have a conflicting view of a stone wall that divides them, in which the narrator believes the wall is worthless and wants to tear down the wall but the neighbor adores the wall and insists on keep mending it whenever it crumbles. The wall that exists between them is also known to be fragile proving against the neighbor. Reasons like changes in climate and hunters removing stones for their hunting dogs are
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