Analysis Of Robert Frost 's ' The Mending Wall '

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In Robert Frost the Mending Wall it is about the obligation of boundaries and the deceiving influences employed to abolish them. The poem shows how two individuals have different opinions on a wall that divides their properties. As the poem goes on, one would think that there is a connection between the two, through the rebuilding of the wall every spring. Richard Cory and Miniver Cheevy have many similarities as well as differences, on one hand you have a rich and depressed individual that is admired by society, and the other is a guy that society looks down upon. These differences will be discussed more in this paper. When you analyze the poem, I would use the psychoanalytic criticism approach with this poem. Robert Frost uses numerous symbols and images that brings the reader into the poem. How Frost wrote the script for the Mending Wall, you can find yourself imagining you are part of the poem, he has a sense of how to lure you into the notion of the poem, and make you look at things the way they are today. We will analyze this poem a little further, this will show you how he was able to do this. The Mending Wall announces us with two neighbors that have a rock barricade that divides the apple orchard on one side from the pine laden fields on the other. In the phrase “mending fences” ("English Literature: Robert Frost - Analysis of Mending Wall") was something that Frost used to illustrate the repairing to a friendship. Frost deliberately uses the term “mending wall” in
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