Analysis Of Robert Kagan 's Article ' The Importance Of U.s. Military

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Robert Kagan’s article “The Importance of U.S. Military Might Shouldn’t be underestimated” examines whether or not implementing defense cuts would be good for the US national interests. He argues that it would not be good idea due to the U.S’s use of the military force to help spread democracy around the world and upholding the international system. He fears that these defense budget reductions will lead to U.S. forced to cede power over to other countries due to the reduction of the U.S.’s ability to provide security. Kagan uses concepts from realism and idealism within his article to persuade his audience to persuade his audience that cutting the defense budget is a terrible idea. Kagan uses idealist concepts such as international order and soft power in his article. He explores how military means has aided the United States in forming and maintaining the liberal international order that is currently presiding over the world. The international economy relies on America’s ability to keep trade flowing, especially during times of war. America’s support for democracy worldwide and its ability to protect people from dictators allowed for the global democratization. The U.S’s larger defense spending in proportion to the rest of world allows for an international system that is sympathetic towards American interests. (1-2) all of these examples illustrate how important the use of military means is to supporting the international order. He then…
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