Analysis Of Robert Malthus 's ' Old Impact On The Thinking, And Scientists

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Caleb Kesinger FYE: Social Science Robert Dean 10/31/16 Malthusianism was a movement that was begun by Robert Malthus in 1789 that had a big impact on the thinking, and teachings of many great geologists, and scientists. All of the men in this paper believe in this idea that population growth is going to grow faster than the growth of food, but they all have different solutions, and thoughts on the matter. Some believe that population is so out of control that we must contain it, and even find ways to drastically slow it down, while others believe that we need things like aggregate demand in order to keep the growing populations employed and not homeless. The first, and possibly the most intense man I am going to talk about is William Vogt. A huge fan of Thomas Malthus and his ideas, Vogt decided to contribute to the Malthusian movement with the writing of the book “ Road to Survival”. This book ended up having a huge impact on the Malthusian upbringing or revival in the 1950s and 1960s.Vogt was a big follower of population control, and was very concerned about the population growing out of control. He believed that the fast economic growth, along with the quickly growing fertility rates, would destroy the environment, and would eventually lead our society to mass hunger, disease, and even war. He also believed that this population problem would eventually lead to the collapse of human civilization. Vogt even stated that “the day of judgement is at hand as man’s

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