Analysis Of Robin Hood And His Theory

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Throughout this case Robin Hood and his Merrymen are the dominant subjects but throughout the reading many factors will be discovered that may prove to be problematic for Robin Hood and his Merrymen. Although Robin Hood has acquired a large number of men, central prob-lems recognized throughout the case prove to be both internal and external factors. The issues involved include steadily increasing size of his group, Robin Hood’s lack of control/discipline of his members, his motives being based upon a personal grudge, trustworthiness of his alliances, looting and raid concerns, shelter/maintenance cost, and gaining power of the sheriff. An analysis of the challenges Robin Hood is facing concerning the business choices such as killing the Sheriff or joining forces with the Barons to free King Richard proves new structure may be required for continued growth and prosperity. Within this analysis our team will discuss the identified central problems, provide a background, develop and explain alternatives, propose and develop solutions, provide recommendations and lastly provide a conclusion and within all these elements illustrate Robin Hood’s motivation to “Serve, Defend and Protect” the people of the village.
Robin Hood has an enemy in Nottingham, the High Sheriff. Robin Hood seeks vengeance against him and enlists his men to aid him in getting it. Robin Hoods’ original strategy was to steal from the rich and give to the poor (Lampel, J.). A conflict
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