Analysis Of Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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This book is called Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, it’s by Mildred D. Taylor. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry is a book about a family named the Logans. It’s a family of 4 kids and 2 parents. Papa is a railroad worker, who is not home very often. They live in a house with 400 acres of land surrounding them. Cassie is the only girl of the family trying to stand up for what she knows is right. And that’s to end racism, and to be treated fairly. Come along with Cassie and her 3 brothers, as they enter a world you’ve never known to exist. Where this family has to fight for themselves, to struggle and hope that they’ll get the respect they need. Cassie experiences several incidents of racial division during her visit to Strawberry, Mississippi.…show more content…
In this story the villains are maybe ¾ the population of the white people. Meaning the ¼ of the white people are the hero’s. The real villain himself in the story is named Mr.Barnett. He’s a man who helps with getting the protein and meat you need. He’s a white man just doing his job as usual. When along came cassie and her brothers. They handed Mr.Barnett a list of things they needed from him. “Mr. Barnett walked over to another counter and began filling the order”. (pg 109) Mr.Barnett had just brushed their list off to the side like they were never even there. He just stopped what he was doing for them, and filled up a white lady’s order that was twice as long as there’s. Moments later his wife has called “jim lee these folks needing help over here and I got my hands full.” (pg 110) Mr. Barnett had walked away vanishing from sight. After several minutes stacey had gotten a little annoyed. “Come on Cassie lets go”. (pg 110) As they were on there way out cassie had spotted something odd. It was Mr. Barnett filling another little girl's order who’s probably the same age as cassie, but she was a white girl. Cassie had marched over to him to get his attention and said “Y-you was helping us”, then Mr. Barnett replied “you just get your little black self over there and wait some more.” (pg 110) That is such a terrible thing to say to someone. Would you ever treat someone that way just because of their skin color? This is showing that Mr.Barnett didn’t care about them or
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