Analysis Of Room By Jacob Tremblay

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Most movies these days are overlooked if the title isn’t interesting enough, however if it’s given a chance it could end up becoming a favorite. “Room” starring Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay is the movie adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s fiction book of the same name. While keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, Room shows the audience a staggering battle between horror and hope. After being a prisoner in a dingy shed for 7 years, a young woman named Joy and her son Jack struggle to gain freedom. Viewers learn that the son was born into this captivity and his “Ma” is dedicated to keeping him happy and safe. She tells him that anything outside of the room is just make believe or TV world. Jack is completely content in the universe that he calls “Room”, knowing nothing of the outside world, but believing it’s his own little world that goes “in every direction, all the way to the end” (Room). As he grows older, Jack becomes more curious about everything. This leads to pushing his mother past the breaking point as she attempts to explain the outside world to him and why they are in the room. Once he starts accepting what she tells him, Ma begins to formulate ideas for their escape, while…show more content…
This shows that they truly have nothing but each other and occasionally, food while being held captive. While breaking customary norms, the movie makes for an intimate experience by shooting from non-traditionally used angles to show a cramped 11x11 room. To further add to the effect, lighting is used to make the space appear more spacious than it truly is. It’s no surprise that life in the room is dreadful, in order to capture how sullen life in the shed truly is, it uses close up angles and low lighting to dimly illuminate the few things they have in there, including, food, what can barely be considered a bathroom, and a
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