Analysis Of Rowland Miller 's Intimates Relationships And John Moore 's Relationships

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Many of us approach life in different ways; sometimes we are painstaking and other times we delve into circumstances or create events or situations, without having full understanding of what might be involved. This human imperfection is apparent in the love styles and love addictions of many characters depicted in Rowland Miller’s Intimates Relationships and John Moore’s Confusing Love With Obsession. Whereas many people enter and maintain healthy relationships where mutual respect and care thrives, there are some who are obsessed with their partners to the point of destroying the relationship on which they have come to depend. They cannot walk away from such destructive relationships, and misconstrue the unhealthy attachments as love.…show more content…
It is undemonstrative. The Mania love style is obsessive love. It is characterized by sporadic experiences of great emotional highs and lows. It is very possessive and often involves jealous lovers. The Agape love style is a self-sacrificing, all-encompassing love. The lovers view their partners as godsends and wish to cherish and take care of them.
Manic style is the predominant love style for most of the characters presented in Confusing Love with Obsession.
Character I Identify With, in the Book Confusing Love with Obsession
I identify with Gretchen, whose primary tool of control was manipulation. Reading about her reminds me of a co-worker some years ago. I will call her “Anna” and call him “Jay.” She often presented her husband as demanding and very possessive of her. At a point, it became virtually uncontrollable. Her husband demanded that she spends each day within the house, and for him to see her whenever he came back. At the initial periods of their marriage, she was okay staying indoors always. However, as being virtually locked in started to be traumatic to her, she realized the wrongness of his demands and the metal toll it was taking on her. anna and Jay had met in Romania. They married immediately after he got her a visa to the united states and had their first child in their first year of marriage. Anna remained a mandatory stay-home wife for a considerable amount of time. Jay

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