Analysis Of Roy Lichtenstein's Bedroom At Arles

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Art is an evolving subject that changes with time and ideas. Inspired by their earlier compatriots, some artists produce new artworks by enhancing the existing ones. Roy Lichtenstein became such an artist when he created a new version of the Bedroom at Arles painting after being inspired by the Bedroom at Arles artwork that was made by Vincent Van Gogh. Having received little recognition during his lifetime, Van Gogh’s popularity as a great painter and artist grew immensely after his death in 1890. He was a post-impressionist writer from Netherlands whose paintings gave rise to modern art. Gogh’s painting, Bedroom in Arles was created in October 1888 and is an expression of his own life. In addition to this painting, Van Gogh produced about 2,100 pieces of art out of which 860 were oil paintings. On the other hand, Roy Fox Lichtenstein was a modern artist who was instrumental in the 20th century art movement. His primary style was the use of parody to define pop art. Most of Lichtenstein’s work was influenced by the comic book style and popular advertising. Consequently, He was often referred to as a pop artist. Lichtenstein’s Bedroom at Arles is based on the original painting by Van Gogh, and it was made in 1992. This is the only painting of an interior that was made by Lichtenstein, and it depicts the contemporary appearance of a bedroom in the afternoon.
The two paintings by Lichtenstein and Vincent Van Gogh have certain specific similarities. Firstly, the concepts or

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