Analysis Of Roy Mottahedeh 's The Mantle Of The Prophet Essay

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Roy Mottahedeh is a Gruney Professor at Harvard University, where he teaches pre-modern social and intellectual history of the Middle East and is an expert on Iranian culture. Mottahedeh started his higher level education journey at Harvard College at which he studied history, he then received a bachelor’s degree in Persian and Arabic at Cambridge University. While teaching at Princeton University, Mottahedeh wrote his first book “Loyalty and Leadership in an early Islamic Society” in 1980, followed by the McArthur reward that allowed him to release “The Mantle of the Prophet” in 1985.
Mottahedeh writes a historical-political story about the life of a Shi’ite boy who grew up to become a mullah. Mottehedeh refers to the boy as Ali Hashemi which is a fictional name for the mullah himself. He mentions the various trends and events that occurred in the past half millennium that built up to the revolution that took place in 1979. In doing so, he manages to characterize the history and politics of Iran by telling the story of Ali Hashemi.
Mottahedeh attempts to focus on the importance of the education and how the travels of Ali and many other Mullahs to the West helped create a new system of education in Iran. In addition, he shows the style of Persian culture that revolutionary Iran was trying to abolish and at the same time, provides a clear understanding to the reader about how Iranians felt about the various governments throughout the 20th century. Furthermore, Mottahedeh
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