Analysis Of Rules Of Attraction By Bret Easton Ellis

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The Lack of an Identity Drug dealer, suicidal, cynical, and promiscuous. These are some of the adjectives that can describe the recurring character Sean in the book Rules of Attraction written by Bret Easton Ellis. Keeping in mind Sean’s characteristics, readers can firmly assure that Sean develops an attraction to Lauren, one of the other main characters in the novel. However, over the course of the novel, Sean tells some remarks about having sex with women. From his own narration of the story, the reader cannot imagine that he also dates men. Paul, one of the other main narrators, brings in question Sean’s heterosexuality by stating that he is involved in a sexual relationship with Sean. Sean does not regard those encounters whatsoever, which may lead the readers to believe his mental silence about sex with Paul reveal a hidden area in Sean’s life. Sean describes his sexual encounters with women, but he omits his encounters with Sean. Instead of telling his version of the story, he recalls past experiences with other women. Additionally, he seems to be obsessed about sexually pleasing women, and despite his assertion of loving Laura, certain attitudes show the opposite. Therefore, Sean’s omission of his sex encounters with Paul, his remarks of about sex with women, and his false love for Lauren reveal that this character is denying his real identity. Even though Sean does not corroborate what Paul says about their sexual encounters, Paul version of the story is more
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