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Running head: VOICES IN WAR

What Is a Voice in War?

What Is a Voice in War?
How do you give someone a voice? In this culture today, many people are relegated to the file similar to out of sight out of mind. Unfortunately, this reality is what faces many veterans from the US military and have returned from war only to be marginalized and embroiled in a more obscure conflict from within. Using art can bring a change to a veteran’s health and well-being in addition to traditional treatment from a medical perspective of using medications.
Having a voice expresses intelligence, emotion and conveys the identity and uniqueness of an individual. Each person has a unique perspective from the life experiences and brings
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These photographs are emotionally charged and show varying degrees of emotional conflict by the facial and bodily postures.
“On August 8th, 2014, student and photographer Devin Mitchell began backpacking/traveling the west coast in search of veteran stories in hopes of illustrating these individuals through the art of pictures. The Veteran Vision Project is a photo documentary, featuring authentic military service members and their lives” (Mitchell, 2015).
The Veteran 's Vision Project uses photography and the mirror to illustrate the many reanges of problems veterans are facing after service in the United States military. There is a wide range of emotions, relations and in some cases the mental dilemma that stands in front of the veteran. By not using any words the artist is trying to show by body posture and facial expressions that can readily show how a person is changed by war. Now most images are serious and show some level of struggle to try to live in a culture where the idea of war is ignored or almost non-existent. Most all reflections have a military image on one side or the other, but in a couple of cases have uniforms on both sides of the mirror. Standing at attention in uniform is the usual stance of military bearing and the almost steely eyed focus of a determined effort to fight a war is a standard of conduct. Now after the time is served, some come from service to find that
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