Analysis Of Ryan Door 's Human Resource Problems

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Introduction Ryan Door has human resource problems. Poor collaboration between departments such as door-design affects products quality and increase costs. Mistakes are costly for the company. The company lacks training manual for employees, except out-of-date provisions on job descriptions. It does on-the-job training for recruits in which employees quitting the company train the recruits for one or two weeks during overlap time or other employees take the role of training recruits when such overlap periods are not available. Improving the Training Process In order for Ryan Door to improve its training process, they must update its job description and develop new training manuals for the employees. These are basic human resource tools, which any company should not lack. The company must also identify their training needs by evaluating the three critical human resource elements, which include the entire company, job characteristics and specific needs of employees and recruits. Through this process, Ryan Door will know exactly where training is required, elements that employees must learn in training to enhance productivity and specific employees who require training. Ryan Door must assess the status of its operations. For instance, it must evaluate its overall practices, best practices and abilities of employees and recruits to do their job. From this assessment, the company will gather the standards in which the efficacy of a training program can be assessed. Ryan Door
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