Analysis Of Saga Of The Sioux

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“It has been our wish to live here in our country peaceably, and do such things as may be for the welfare and good of our people, but the Great Father [President] has filled it with soldiers who think only of death,” said Spotted Tail of the Brulé Sioux. This leader of the Sioux was appalled at what the white settlers and soldiers had done to their way of life. Over the course of Sioux history since America was formed, they have been nothing more than an inferior race being treated unlike humans. In Saga of the Sioux, the author talks about the struggles of the Sioux tribe had faced due to the American westward expansion. It also talks of how still today the Sioux have not given up on claiming their land and rights. In the book Saga of the Sioux, there are two recurring conflicts, which are man versus nature and man versus society. The conflict man versus nature shows throughout the book when the Native Americans are having to deal with severe weather conditions. One of these examples is when on page 111 it said, “Blizzards and severe cold made it impossible for some couriers to return until weeks after the January 31 deadline.” The cold in this situation kept the natives from traveling to the agency, which made the white soldiers even more angered at them. The weather had given the whites even more ‘cause’ to become mad at the Native Americans, even though they had know control over it. Also, on page 136 of Saga of the Sioux it stated, “...12 infants and

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