Analysis Of Saga Of The Sioux

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“Traditional religious beliefs center around Wakan Tanka, their god and creator of all things. They were also a very spiritual group and believed that all things have spirits. Seven main spiritual ceremonies were held each year and were a very important part of Sioux culture.” The Sioux were culturalist, they focused a lot on their culture and they still to this day. In the book Saga of the Sioux, the author, Dwight Jon Zimmerman, is writing in third person. The author writes his point of view on how the Indians were treated. The book is also non fiction. The author talks about some conflicts that the Native Americans face: man vs nature and man vs society. The author also has themes : fight for your rights, and be careful who you trust. The novel ,saga of the sioux, is non fiction, and written in third person. The author also talks about the way the bluecoats, government, and settlers/miners treated the Native Americans. Saga the Sioux was written in third person by the author, dwight jon zimmerman.“But because of the 10 years of broken promises, he understood why they wanted to fight.” a way you can tell this is third person is, the author uses pronouns like he, she, it, or they. The book, Saga the Sioux, is nonfiction, “in 1898 Frank A. Rineheart photograph of an arapaho Indian” this shows that the book had dates and facts. The author wants to inform us about how the bluecoats treated the Native Americans “... at the sound of the gunshot, the soldiers began firing their

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