Analysis Of Salty Ritz Crackers Against Creamy Oreos

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The Snack Bowl, live today, where the Salty Ritz Crackers are up against the Creamy Oreos! Ritz crackers and Oreo cookies are similar, yet different. First quarter we will talk about their looks. Second quarter we will talk about taste. Third quarter we will look at purpose for eating. And fourth we will discuss who's better. The whole first quarter we were talking about the pregame overview, now lets go down to the field for the second quarter. First off, the Oreo is black and white, and quite big and intimidating. But Ritz are golden and pretty small, so they can be gone quick. But what they both have in common is their circular shape. Okay, after halftime we will take you to the third quarter. We're back and here at the third quarter to
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